Counseling & Testing Services

Counseling & Testing Services

Dr. Chlorine F. Wimberly, LCSW, MSW, Individual, Family/Group, Mental Health Therapist

Dr. Wimberly is our State of Michigan licensed clinical therapist and social worker. She has extensive experience in providing formal Interviewing, evaluation and assessment testing as well as providing individual, group and family therapy. She has over 20+ years of experience in the field, and is committed to providing exceptional services to each client. She is an Executive Board Member of the Metropolitan Detroit Association of Infant Mental Health, as well as a Trauma and Loss School Specialist Consultant at the Institute of the Trauma and Loss in Children. She focuses on patients suffering from ADHD, mood disorders, anger management, General Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, domestic/sexual abuse, bereavement and emotional/mental health well-being. 

Now Offering Treatments in the Following Areas of Focus:

ADHD / ADHD Testing

ADHD, or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, is an extremely common condition. Symptoms include difficulty focusing, short attention span, mood swings and hyperactivity, to name a few. Dr. Chlorine Wimberly is experienced in diagnosing and treating patients with ADHD. She offers comprehensive testing to evaluate whether or not patients need treatment for ADHD and offers the best solution. 

Mood Disorders (Depression, Bipolar Disorder and More)

Dr. Wimberly has seen many different types of mood disorders and is proficient in each one’s symptoms. She is able to effectively evaluate her patients and see if they are in need of treatment, as well as offer therapy sessions to accommodate whichever challenges her patients may be having. 

Anger Management 

Anger management can be a frustrating and painful topic, but Dr. Wimberly gets to the root of the issue to treat suffering clients with effective methods. She has experience with many different types of cases, and she has been able to bring a sense of serenity back into patients’ lives.

General Anxiety Disorder 

Dr. Wimberly knows that patients suffering from General Anxiety Disorder find it to be a crippling condition. She has experience with helping her patients better adapt to everyday life with anxiety, and is able to provide helpful treatments to make situations more manageable. 

Major Depressive Disorder 

Major Depressive Disorder is a brain disorder, typically characterized by a feeling of inconsolable persistent depression or lack of interest in daily activities. This can greatly impair patients’ day to day routines if not treated. Dr. Wimberly has years of experience in treating Major Depressive Disorder patients and is here to help improve Fort Lauderdale clients escape their depression. 


PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is a disorder brought on after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. Dr. Wimberly understands that patients suffering from PTSD have difficulty returning to a sense of normalcy after being a part of a terrifying event, and she has the experience to help. She has extensive experience in evaluating patients and providing an effective treatment for them. 

Domestic/Sexual Abuse

Dr. Wimberly knows that domestic/sexual abuse is an extremely difficult topic to discuss. She is very experienced in evaluating and treating domestic/sexual abuse victims and is able to provide a level of comfort and reassurance in her treatments. Her therapy sessions are effective and she provides treatments on a case by case basis, as no two patients’ experiences are alike. 


Grief is something that Dr. Wimberly knows to be a very painful and all-encompassing experience. She has treated many patients suffering from bereavement with effective therapy sessions, and gets to the root of the emotions her patients may be feeling. She is then able to provide effective treatments for feelings of sadness and grief. 

Emotional/Mental Health Well Being

Dr. Wimberly knows that patients’ emotional and mental health well-being are two very important keys to living a fulfilling life. She is here to provide her patients with resources and treatments that allow anyone to live a healthy emotional/mental life. Her years of experience have allowed her to learn a vast amount of mental and emotional conditions, and she is here to provide comprehensive treatments for all of her patients.